The Tower by Jean Johnson

The Tower by Jean Johnson

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The Tower by Jean Johnson

The Guardians of Destiny

Spinoff to the Sons of Destiny series

Back Cover:
In a fertile valley undisrupted by the aether-shattering death of the old Aian Empire, the Tower and its Guardians have entertained generations of wealthy mirror-scrying mages while adventurers from around the world risk their lives for fortune and fame. But on the one day the Tower stood unguarded, an intruder tried to seize the magic powering the vast structure. Now, locked out of the Tower’s innermost chambers, Kerric Vo Mos must brave the deadly traps keeping trespassers at bay in order to reclaim control.

Unfortunately, Kerric wields a pen far better than a sword, and the way into the Tower’s sanctum is treacherous. Only the help of an experienced player like Myal the Mendhite can get him to where he must go. But mutual respect will not be enough. Passion must also be employed, along with armor and weapons, as they embark on a perilous quest past monsters, riddles, and other dangers that even the Tower’s most dedicated viewers have never seen before.

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The majority of the book involves the hero and heroine battling through rooms to regain control of The Tower. This is a completely different world and there isn’t much background provided for how the world structured. However, that works with the story as the action is almost exclusively within The Tower. This is the same world as Jean Johnson’s previous series, The Sons of Destiny. The first chapter seems to connect the two; but after that, the book was focused on the story at hand. Looking forward to The Grove (second in this series). It was a refreshing change to see the switch with having the woman being the tall, strong warrior. The hero, Kerric, isn’t exactly weak either and did his share of kicking butt with his magic. We gave this an 8 out of 10 rating.